Definition: What is the Managed System

The managed FunnelFlux system comprises server(s) provisioned to run FunnelFlux, it's database and web services, on behalf of the customer, with all systems being administered privately and internally by staff of FunnelFlux FZCO.

Purpose of the Managed System

The purpose of the managed system is to provide customers with a working and production ready FunnelFlux tracking software system with no requirement for technical monitoring or administration by the customer, other than necessary costs, provisions of domain names, and any other modifications FunnelFlux staff deem necessary to carry out operations on their managed installation.

Infrastructure and services used

FunnelFlux Managed is deployed on DigitalOcean (DO) hardware. DO was chosen due to the high availability of servers, data storage and services in many regions, which allows us to more effectively and reliably provide managed services.

Domain name system administration is handled using Cloudflare, and customers are required to point their core domain's nameservers at the Cloudflare nameservers provided, to ensure proper handling of DNS records.

You can learn more about the managed system in general at our FAQ

System performance and uptime

Team FunnelFlux guarantees that we will do our best to provide optimal performance of your system, including but not limited to redirect speeds, volume the system can handle (within the context of your billing plan), speed of reporting, and speed of user-based data updates.

When it comes to uptime, our goal (but not guarantee) is to maintain 100% uptime. However, we can't predict issues that may be outside of our control, such as an unexpected server software issue (i.e. not FunnelFlux), issues stemming from large bursts of traffic, DDoS attacks, force majeure, unscheduled maintenance by a datacentre, and so on.

However, we will to the best of our ability attempt to resolve and restore systems as quickly as possible, at any time of day.

We also reserve the right to make changes to infrastructure and software configuration without notice, to improve performance, provided this does not cause downtime without customer approval

Customer access to hardware and data

Team FunnelFlux will manage and control all infrastructure used in the hosting and delivery of the Managed FunnelFlux product. We will not provide root, SSH or any other access to this infrastructure.

We will however provide copies of databases if requested, though these backups may be disruptive to operation of the tracker.

Users will however have unfettered access to the software itself, with exception to the System Updates section which will be locked and managed by Team FunnelFlux.

FunnelFlux team access to data

As part of the Managed FunnelFlux offering we will control updates deployed to installations. These updates can be managed without accessing the tracker UI and we will not have access to your campaign/funnel data through the UI. We will of course have access to databases as part of infrastructure control but will not access database information unless done in due process for error resolution or requested backups.

The FunnelFlux software also contains an in-built support user. This can be enabled from the User Management section and allows us limited access to your tracker as part of support operations. This user can be enabled and disabled at will.

Downtime, service-level agreement and compensation

Team FunnelFlux will do our utmost to maintain uptime and optimum performance of your tracker. However, since this is not a distributed software as a service (SaaS) with high availability and redundancy by way of replication, we cannot guarantee 100% uptime.

We do however agree to address and resolve any critical issues affecting live campaigns/traffic within 6 hours on weekdays and 12 hours on weekends, unless resolution of those issues is outside our control.

We will not provide compensation for downtimes of less than 6 h and for downtimes above 6 h where the length of downtime was not outside our control, i.e. depended on our response speed, we may provide compensation of 1% of monthly plan cost per hour for every hour in excess to this 6 h window (or 12 h on weekends). In other words we're human and will deal with any issues as best as we can, and will design our systems to mitigate issues in the first place.